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This pen offers beautiful ettching in aged brass reminicent of a different time.  The body of this pen is a beautiful eucalyptus burl.  The gaps in the burl were filled with black and gold resin to accentuate all the hues in the wood.


About the wood:

Eucalyptus camaldulensis is commonly known as river red gum because of the red heartwood. It is one of the best admired and best-known trees in the Australian landscape. The tree comes under the genus Eucalyptus. There are around 800 species are within this genus. A native of Australia, the red gum is a plantation species in most parts of the world. It is abundantly grown near the inland watercourses. The tree has a major role in stabilizing the river banks. The maximum growth of this tree is up to 148 ft (45 meters). The leaves of red gum are dense and large. The color of smooth bark ranges from white and grey to red-brown. 

Aged Brass Filigree Pen

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