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This beautiful capped pen is not only a dream to write with but also offers visal appeal with the beautiful spalted zebrawood and satin chrome finish.


Zebrawood was first recorded in the British Customs returns for 1773, when 180 pieces of zebrawood were imported from the Mosquito Coast, a British colony (now Republic of Honduras and Nicaragua).[1] In his History of Jamaica (1774), Edward Long relates, "The species of zebra wood at present in esteem among the cabinet-makers is brought to Jamaica from the Mosquito shore; it is of a most lovely tint, and richly veined..."[2] The Mosquito Coast thereafter exported zebrawood regularly until the Convention of London (1786) and the consequent expulsion of British settlers from this part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain.

Capped pen with spalted zebrawood

  • Each pen contains two parts:

    •  The body of the pen can be made from acrylic, wood, or a combination of both.  Some acrylic pens are made with images inserted.  Memorabilia pens have a piece of memorabilia added to an image.  Customized images including names, service record, etc. are available upon request.
    •  The metal components that make of the mechanics of the pen.

    Each pen varies in style and color due to the material used and the handcrafted nature of the item. Each pen pictured will be the item shipped.  All ink cartridges are refillable with either a Cross style refill or Parker style refill depending on the pen.  Please see the pen’s description for the ink used.  If you would like a specific combination, customized pens are available, please contact us for more information and pricing.

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